Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rosen Show

"Waiting to Launch"

Star and I just got back from Philadelphia and the Rosen Show. A great show of national artists put together to provide incredible art and craft for galleries and museum shops. We attend to gather new work for Spectrum Art & Jewelry. The new art will begin arriving in March, come check out all of our exciting finds.

I've been busy in the studio painting as much as possible. The winter months are always a productive time for me as it's often too cold to be outside. I'm including a couple of new pieces here and you can always visit artsmartcar.com to see more.

I'm constantly amazed at how much I can pack into Bebe, the art smart car! For such a tiny car, she really can hold alot. I can get in quite a few paintings, suitcases and supplies. In April, Debby, a friend of mine from Florida, will be arriving here in NC and we will travel together to Charleston, SC to take a two day painting workshop. I trust everything will fit into Bebe's back storage space.

I heard an ice cream truck the other day...summer can not be far behind.

Keep it in the road!


"Double Red on Banks"

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