Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nancy and Bebe visit Charleston, SC

Bebe and I had a wonderful trip to Charleston, SC this past weekend. My friend, Debby and I signed up for a two day painting workshop with Karen Hagan. Karen lives and works out of Charleston and hosts many painting workshops, in SC, Italy, France and the Bahamas. Great way to travel, paint and learn. We had 12 students and not a one was from SC. Great bunch of women and good energy.

Saturday we painted in Mt Pleasant, down at the beach and on Sunday went to Charleston, we spread out from the Battery and Meeting Street, each selecting our own view to work on. I have always found it fascinating that you can have several people looking at the same scene and each will complete a totally different painting.

Here's the view of palms and chairs at the beach - Mt Pleasant, SC...
and here is my finished painting.

Bebe got lots of attention in SC, never did see another smart car all weekend, and especially not one as cute as Bebe. Always fun to see all the smiles she instigates. I think she looks like she has a permanent grin on her face.

Haven't decided where I'm going next to paint...Star and I have started to talk about Santa Fe...wouldn't that be fun?

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