Friday, January 9, 2009

Bebe goes to Asheville, NC

What a wonderful trip Star and I had going to Asheville, NC. I must admit now that I had trepidations about driving Bebe in the mountains. However, she did great! Plenty of pep and never had to worry about the huge trucks pushing us off the side of the mountains. There was one drawback, and that was the voracious winds... I had a few "white knuckle" moments. Now I know that Bebe can really go most anywhere and do a great job.

We stayed at the fabulous Grove Park Inn and had a lovely time, we especially enjoyed their extensive spa facilities. I look forward to returning there for a longer stay.

The purpose of the trip was to attend a jewelry show in Asheville, where we stocked up on pearls and gems to create more finished pieces for the Starsong line we have at Spectrum Art & Jewelry. Come visit the gallery and see our newest creations.
You can keep tabs on my newest work on my website:

Bebe - The Art smart Car...Driving art to a new level.

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