Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bebe's first big adventure

Thought I'd start off with an image of one of my latest paintings. This is titled "Downtown Beauty", 16"x20" and will be at Spectrum Art & Jewelry tomorrow. I have several new pieces as we are having our monthly wine tasting on January 9th (always the second Friday of the month). This month our featured artist will be: Bebe's Debut! If you are in the area, please drop by, it promises to be a fun event.

Star and I are leaving for Asheville on Monday to attend a small jewelry show. This will be Bebe's first big road trip, and certainly the first time she will be driven in the mountains. Glad she has the ability to convert into manual shift for those hills!

Russ May, my husband has been writing a blog as well. His is about how to take a better photograph and is very informative, but more important, funny and well written. You should check out his "Scoot Tuna" blog.

Keep checking in at to see my latest paintings and keep a lookout for Bebe, you never know where we'll turn up.

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