Sunday, January 18, 2009

New to journaling

After much contemplation, I have decided (once again) to change up my style of writing on my blog. I have always thought of myself as a painter, not a writer, so this is all new territory for me. Trying to "find my voice" has been difficult, and I know that those of you who know me personally are deep belly laughing, at the thought I might have trouble speaking. However, sharing my thoughts on the written page seem to be much different than my usual stream on consciousness style of speaking.
I think I will give journaling a shot, to see if this isn't the better choice for me to share my thoughts and dreams. Where I want to see my work grow and how Bebe, the art smart car fits into my life.
I have been spending as much time in the studio as possible, painting away. I do some plein air painting, but most is done from photos I take. I have a large file of images to use, and many times I use elements from 3 or 4 photos to construct my own unique view of the world. I am contemplating creating a new painting, similar to the one on Bebe. That piece sold before I had the wrap done and I would like to have a companion painting to Bebe's wrap. I can use this one to create giclees if I so choose. I will post the image when it is finished.
It's funny how Bebe has created a personality of her own in the short time we have been together. From time to time she will probably pitch in her own point of view. Whenever that happens, I will be sure to let you know that it is not necessarily the viewpoint of this writer.
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That's all for now...keep it in the road!

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