Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art smart Car learns to blog

Bebe and I went to the Connection Cafe on Racine Drive this morning for a lovely get together with the Wilmington Bloggers. Bebe was slightly upset that she had to wait outside in the parking lot as she could not fit through door. Being a neophyte blogger, I was made to feel very comfortable asking questions. Everyone was friendly and very generous with information, I will definitely return.

I left the meeting to go to Art For The Masses. This has become a huge art show and sale, over 250 artists gathered to sell work for no more than $250. It was packed, I had to elbow my way through the crowds. Unfortunately for some of the artists, the lighting was terrrible. I saw several that were using flashlights to highlight their work for interested buyers. Hopefully next year they can find a venue that has more space and better lighting. It is a wonderful idea to have a show for any interested artist to participate, as evidenced by the large number participating.

Russ is going to go out with Bebe and me today to take some more photos. He purchased a great new camera and a fill flash. It will be interesting to see if his pictures are better than what I've taken (probably will be).

Stay tuned for more of Bebe's travels and my paintings.

Nancy & Bebe

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Spectrum Art & Jewelry, Wilmington, NC said...

Great meeting for Wilmington Bloggers. Enjoyed meeting so many people I follow on Twitter. So much to learn. I agree with Nancy that the group was very open to sharing information and tips. I'll definitely go back.

Also, Art for the Masses was a mob scene. Great place to host it, large space, lots of parking, central. However, light was a MAJOR issue, with some vendors in such dark spots that no one could see their work. Also booths TOO SMALL to really represent people or allow enough space for shoppers to peruse. Matt - charge more for the booths, make them bigger and rent about six more of those big lights! Clearly this event makes enough money to warrent that next time.