Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bebe awaits new tag

As an avid kayaker at Wrightsville Beach, NC, I chose an appropriate license tag "PADLE ON". Yes, I know the spelling is not correct...I took artistic license ;-) to make sure it could be understood. Although I still love to go kayaking, I have ordered a new plate - ARTSMART. Should be here soon, keep a lookout for Bebe and her tag, she goes to the smartest places.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, remember to wear your expandable pants!

Nancy & Bebe

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El mae griton !!!! said...

Hi dear Nancy !!!! This is Dennis Castro from Costa Rica, your blog is so pretty, cheerfull and colorfull just like your smile !!! We are so proud to have a couple of pieces from you !!!! Regards !!! Happy 2009 !!!!!